There's Lipstick Out There, Boys

With Your Hosts, Sandy and Julian, The Alien Fingers

Hello, I'm Sandy. You may remember me from such Alien Finger based film fun as "Space Thimble" and "They Came To Put Their Heads Up Our Bottoms". Welcome to "Hunt the Lipstick". Hidden around these pages are four lipsticks. Each represents one of the elements - Fire, Water, Earth, and Pesto. Click on all four and you will be have all the information you need to click here. Your name is now "hunter". This is the only name allowed into the Lipstick Sanctorium, even though he wouldn't let me sit on his leg.

Hi. I'm Julian. You may remember me from such Alien Finger blues improvisational numbers as "Bitten And Filed" and "Mah Head Gon Stuck Up Yo Ass". The lipsticks may be as obvious as a picture of lipstick. It may be the element they represent. Or it could be another wily clue. Anyhow, upon demanding entrance to the antechamber of the lippy, you will be rigourously pumped for a password. This password should be perfectly obvious.... IF you've visited the lipstick lands of Fire, Water, Earth and Pesto.

But why would you want to do this? Why indeed! Well, you humans are innately curious creatures, and we're going to have to rely on that to fuel your interest, as any clues would inevitably betray the fact that what is there is going to be vastly disappointing. But we will offer you this morsel.... it will be VERY disappointing.

And did you know that when Marc Almond's tummy rumbles, it's not because he's hungry, it's because the temperature outside has raised slightly, and all the sperm in his gut is bubbling and slopping and boiling and that. He's like a dormant spunk volcano. But dormant for how long? When he dies, will the semen slither out and try to find a new host? Help!

The lipsticks have been released. They have found their hiding places.
Gentlemen! Let the hunt commence!