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  1. The timeless classic, to be murdered

  2. (especially if you are a child and you trusted the murderer)
  3. Being crushed between the buttocks of a ballet dancer
  4. Misguided belief in powers of flight being put tragically into practice
  5. Being eaten by one of your co-passengers after a plane crash

  6. (especially if there was really no need - eg crashed in a chocolate bar factory)
  7. Poisoned frisbee (if you are a dog)
  8. Being run over by a motorised snail after staging a peaceful protest
  9. Medical negligence during routine surgery
  10. Farting and sneezing at the same time with an unpressed navel
  11. Trying unsuccessfully to negotiate a field that is popular with bungee jumpers. You are hammered into the ground. Please try again.
  12. Drowning in one inch of water
  13. (Actually more difficult that it may seem - try it with a child... you keep breaking its nose!)

  14. Knowing too much
  15. Slowly, and young.

  16. (Ideally, you should die so slowly, that you are no longer young at the time of death.)
  17. Hovering at tree height wearing a leaf covered shirt in the middle of a herd of giraffes (you'd be surprised)
  18. Falling inside a grand piano and being hammered to death by Rachmaninov's third.
  19. Being part of a suicide pact in which the other person was only having a laugh
  20. Clive Barker's favourite, having snakes made from a lunatic's shit animated by an evil magician and invading your every orifice. Let's hear it for Clive Barker, eh?
  21. That magic flesh eating bacteria (nature beats Clive Barker)
  22. Being squicked, which I am reliably informed is the act of fucking the hole in the skulls of babies. You would obviously have to be a baby for this one. 
  23. Being a Rider on the Storm, and falling off your horse.
  24. Being given a shoulder ride close to a "ticking-over" helicopter, with hilarious consequences!
  25. Slow, Slow, Quick Quick Slow - the Foxtrot of doom, with hammers.

  26. (Details not supplied for fear of copycat Foxtrot killings)
  27. Being given inadequate CPR by someone trying to impress his girlfriend
  28. Dying from a frankly pathetic quantity of drugs. Double points if you create national tabloid hysteria
  29. Receiving capital punishment for a crime you didn't commit
  30. Having an enormous letter "B" land on your head in your sleep

  31. And of course
  32. We all relish the senselessness of a mistaken identity IRA killing!

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