What a Wanger!

Bloody hell, T3, I was checking out mancunt.com on the internet because I wanted to buy it, and look what I found! I'll bet you couldn't fit many of them into a barely legal teenager, eh?

Thanks very much! However, we are at pains to point out that T3 isn't a pornography magazine. We keep people up to date on technological advances. We really don't need to rely on soft pornography to lend a laddish credibility to Global Positioning Devices.


I found these girls using the internet. I just wanted to say that it is a pleasure to watch girls co-operating with the feeding each other, when the overriding inclination must be to shovel chips into your own mouth as fast as you possibly can.

Yes, the girls are obviously very fond of each other. However, I would gently guide you back to the topic of gadgetry and technology, which is what this magazine is all about.


This is my next door neighbour, who always does the gardening with his willy out. One day I went around to lend him some sugar and we ended up screwing! He is very forceful.

He may not be fully happy about the idea of gay sex, so is taking an abusive role to reassert his position of masculinity, which he perceives is threatened. However, this has nothing to do with technology.

Check Out My Wife

Look at that - that's my wife that is. I can't believe my luck sometimes. I just wish she'd stop having foam fights with the next door neighbour.

Very nice, Mr Thomas. However, this is a technology magazine. Would you like to ask us about your mobile phone?

Sexy Messaging Services

Look at what I got through my phone.

That's super. This is called a text message, and they can be sent from mobile phone to mobile phone, or through the internet.

Tomorrow's Tits Today

I think that this is the future of tits.

That's nearly right -  we're getting closer to the remit of the magazine. If you could reference technology, then we'd be away. Thank you for the picture of the tits, in any event.


I want to start taking photos of naked women, but not pay money for developing film. What can I do?

Digital camera! Use a digital camera!