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Charlotte Hello. I have got a new political belief that I would like you to know about and then believe in too.
Skinhead Do fuck off, love. I am hiding in these disabled toilets from the people who killed me three years ago..
Charlotte You are a ghost?
Skinhead Yes I am a ghost. It is fun sometimes, scaring people and that, but I cannot wipe my arse after I shit, as my hand just goes straight through myself.
Charlotte That's not true. I have seen films about ghosts, including the film Ghost, and they can touch themselves.
Skinhead True. And we also don't eat anything, so why would we ever need to shit?
Charlotte However, attention has been brought to your bottom.
Skinhead Good. I have a great ass. In life, you could crush coal between my ass-buttocks. I am falling in love with you from across the grave.
Charlotte I love you too, although I am only eight years old. So, about my political belief. It says that all the money in the world should be melted down in a big pot and split equally amongst my friends.
Skinhead Is it a metaphor? As I foresee problems with a literal interpretation.
Charlotte I don't know. Frankly I don't really care anymore. I'm more into vegetarianism, and Buddhism. Everybody likes Buddhists. 
Skinhead Fuck off!
Charlotte Why has your forehead gone so creased and your voice wave pattern so pointy?
Skinhead Sorry, I was just defending myself from all the pain that falling in love with you would inevitably cause. 
Charlotte Kiss me, you dopey pair of cotton socks.
Skinhead I can't. That is kind of the whole problem.
Charlotte You could if I killed myself!
Skinhead Yes! Kill yourself and we will live together forever in these disabled toilets! 
Charlotte Well, not if you put it like that, you smelly tramp. Bye!
Skinhead Cheerio!

the angry skinhead's name is sverkat. true!
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