What happens over these few days is simply a winding up of tension. The event's being covered on Capital Radio, XFM, and I even overhear people talking about it. It's... making my skin crawl. I've already had original friends drop out of the event in disgust, because it is now "establishment", and not the outsider act .

The next page contains the press coverage of September 18th, when things really started getting insane. Let's enjoy this moment of comparative calm... with a song.

Hello David Blaine, behind your window pane.
You look just like a martyr;


Du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du waaaaaaah-waaaaaaah-wah

(refrain - David's Girlfriend sings)

David, chuck! Ah'm gaggin fer a fuck.
But you're only to be seen,
So I'll flick me manky bean.

(in an office high above the city, David's manager drives around in a converted pile of treasure and hungrily scoffs a baguette stuffed with gold coins)

Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!


Hello David Blaine, I share your world of pain.
Lost, like a little boy;

Du-du-du-du-du-du-du-dud-dddududududu WAAAAAAAAH

I'm bored now. This will be continued.

September 16 ...