As a memento for all concerned, myself and m'colleaugue Simon Swatman developed this factsheet to aid a fuller enjoyment of the event. And here it is.

It's quite big, so here's a link to it. This link, here.

Oh, and because he says he likes the event, Jason Finch, the owner of OUTintheUK, decides to put a full page advert in QX. As charitable as I feel about the website, it's difficult to shake off the feeling that someone's seen a business opportunity, here.

See? No mention of me. No photos of ME. No searing exposé into how cool and sexy I am.

(I should say that OUTintheUK is not run for profit, but still, my own ineptitude at garnering publicity for myself and my... oh. I actually have nothing to publicise. Fair enough.)

September 17...