We're now pretty much everywhere. The Sun's "Blaine Watch" carries this delicious article, with the best headline I've ever seen in my life. I am a gays. And this is my sausage blitz. Quiver, man-Blaine. You ain't never faced a screamin horde a' gay before.

The Times covers the event with a few more words. But no greater degree of accuracy.

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Our gang of twenty had been promoted to a mob of hundreds. But that's not all - according to Wolverhampton's Express and Star, ours was a mission of conversion; presumably, David would think "hmm, that's a sausage, I'm hungry, sausages are famously kinda like a dick, OMGOMGOMG I need bum-canoodles immediately". The media, eh! It's almost like they just write what they want to!

thanks to mojen for sending the Wolverhampton's Express & Star

September 19...