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Cleopatra's Theme
This is the song that bought the flapping talents of our Manchester girls to the public eye. With their willingness to be as bawdy as the most bawdy of pirates, Cleopatra made their mark on a tired world of premeditated pop. As part of the publicity for this single, the girls learned how to fly big aeroplanes, air-dropped copies of their single over war-torn Bosnia. "You can't fight when you're dancing", reasoned Cleo, "and if you don't dance to our Theme, then you must be really grumpy!" The first Discotheque opened in Bosnia soon after.
I Want You Back
Cover version of the Jackson 5's hit. People said it sounded exactly the same, but we did a very important experiment. We played both versions at the same time, each version through a different speaker at the local discotheque. After ninety seconds, everyone was dancing around the Cleopatra speaker, which proves that we are 60% more dancedelic than the Jackson 5, and there's only three of us! Which means that we are166% more dancedelic, in real terms!
I F*** Like A Beast
Rare and ill-advised cover of a Wasp track, pulled at the last minute at the request of Zainam, who was sexually assaulted by a labrador and felt that the single was a little close to the bone.  

Backed with "Unskinny Bop" and "Viva Las Vegas".

Comin' Atcha
Our pals at the NME didn't like our album at all, but that's OK, 'cos we believe our sound goes straight to the street, and we don't need no journalists validating what we do. But the guy who wrote this, yeah? He'd better watch his back. Cleopatra is everywhere.
NME Review - we got 2 out of 10, which was massive bum!
The Melody Maker loved us though; the guy who wrote this piece is surely guaranteed a place at the right hand of our Lord when Judgment Day comes and the trumpet of righteousness sounds!
Life Ain't Easy
This is where we explain to our old friends that we're not having such a good time, so that when the inevitable descent into obscurity occurs, they won't hate us too much, and pull our hair, screaming "how do you like that, pop star? hunh? how do you like THAT?"

We know what it's like to not be famous - we weren't born surrounded by a screaming crowd! Well, we were - but they were just other babies, and that don't count!

Trumpets of righteousness provided by The Kick Horns