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Shooting Bangs Brewery
Daddy's Gone Now, Mummy. You Can Wake Up.

Bringing a much-needed whimsy to the genre, Shooting Bangs brewery (Norfolk) have the likeable theme of dead - or dying - mothers across their range of ales. Other beers include "I Don't Like This Game" and "Mummy Doesn't Normally Go To The Shops In Little Bits Like That." All the Shooting Bangs beers are made by put-upon dwarves, who are only allowed half the oxygen they need, so that they can't run away. Despite these appalling work conditions, only one of the dwarves is ever grumpy, the others each maintaining a different mono-emotional state, which can become disturbing when you're trying to talk seriously to them. "Now look here, I want you to stop that." - Achoo! Hee hee! Grumble! - "It's dangerous! You're going to hurt yourself!" - Durrrr! Titter! Zzzzz!