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new pictures abound - it's been far too long....
this was correct in 1998, and once after that in 2000

The Doctor Deacon
Multimedia Extravagananza

 shockwave | wheelchair challenge | doctor deacon

Andrew Branson has crafted this beauty.
You will need Shockwave to see it, but that's OK - if you do not have Shockwave, it is quite free and it's quite here.
Milan, who effectively owns this page, went so far as to create the Speedway Wheelchair Challenge. Literally an hour of gameplay to be had - and how!

For a long time, I had no pictures. Then came the book, Tongue Tied, from the kind, gentle and primary coloured Jonathan Bate. As luck would have it, there was a section of lovely, glossy black and white photographs. A simple gallery just wasn't doing the subject justice, though, especially in this digital age. So you tawdry lot download the pictures, doctor them using the state-of-the-art technology that will eventually kill us all, send them back to me, and I'll put them up! You could add captions, put the Pope in the middle of them, then add captions, or give Joey Pamela Anderson's body and maybe make him sing "I touch myself" by the DiVinyls. The choice is yours! 

What I've got

Blue Peter Joey sits happily as the Blue Peter presenter openly sniggers
Chair Joey sits in his five speed superchair (depending on which nurse was pushing)
Table The gang sit around the table, discussing their favourite form of mushed fruit.
Food See 9th May for an example of how you can do anything if you just try....
Convoy On a day out, our little rascals economise on labour at the expense of Michael
Fuzz A colour photo taken from the television; a little fuzzy.
What you've sent
  Josie Rogers Bedwetting Joey Totem Fergal Halligan
  SkinZ Spartacus Shake It You Sinners Chief Monkey Jim
 Iain Turnbull JD & Coke Joey Being Wanked Off By A Nurse Giz
Mark Williams Brothers Toboggan Through The Park Milan
Joey Gets His Tits Out Spoonfed Poo Milan
 Lisa Cripps 24 Heads Over 200kb of pics 
Rasputin Film '95 Joey Deacon vs Mr T Steve Middleton
SkinZ Joey's Enormous Nutsack The Boys At Play Milan
Dirty Sanchez Joey Gets A Mouthful  

Email your doctorings to the usual address. There are enough pictures here now that I may not put new pictures up unless they are show a decent amount of imagination or are very funny. Or both - that'd be ideal.