Here, you can look at the words that John says with a meatier, bolder font. Plus there's some very interesting discussion.

(every glorious fuck
with no repetitions)

What would drive John to shout Fuck, and it's many variants - ferk, fack, and a kind of strangled ffff sound that chokes away to nothing? Our resident doctor suggests a externalised suppression of desire - few care.

Click on the Fuck Button for 100% FUCK MEDLEY!

but... why shout fuck when you can shout

(those cunts in full)

Big bad word. Feminists don't like it because it means "dislikable person" and "vagina". So Germaine Greer asked King George in 1823 for it to be made the rudest word in the world. And it's been hilarious ever since.

What's that, you say? ULTRA CUNT SUMTOTAL?

and to show that I am not misogynist

This means "idiot" and "penis", and is therefore anti-men. Unfortunately, it's not quite as rude as cunt, so John only says it once. Here is a chart, which contains some surprising results.

See how my predicted increment in swearing frequency is disrespectfully ignored by the actual increment. That the disease ignores all logic in this fashion is the most persuasive argument that John is, in fact, mad.

Ignoring perfectly good and effective swearwords such as "shit" in favour of "haddock" can only be undiluted lunacy!

And, uninvolved in the petty gender wars that have raged on since rape began, are the big nosed folk. They just want to be left alone with their smells.

But don't expect mercy from John - he hates the big nosed bastards, with their fucking big noses, the cunts.

but of course, it's not all swearing