Have you ever shat yourself? Done a poo in your knick-knicks? Out of sheer coincidence, I had two conversations on the ol' MSN Messenger with friends who have done just that. Bizarrely, they then gave me their permission to put these stories up here. So read them, and enjoy. They will make you feel better about yourself.

9. JIM'S MONOLOGUE (14.4.04)
Jim's pre-written tale of delayed bum-dubbins is a charming soliloquy to young love.

8. RICHARD'S STORY (26.02.03)
Richard's story may well contain a man standing semi-nude and covered in shit in front of his son.

7. PINKLE'S STORY (20.10.02)
Pinkle is a girl. But that doesn't stop her blopping herself over a period of many, many hours.

6. DANIAL'S STORY (15.10.02)
Danial's story holds the current record for number of unique expulsions. Truly a gentleman of standing.

5. DANIEL'S STORY (13.11.02)
Daniel's story contains parasites and short trousers.

4. BEN'S STORY (22.10.02)
Be warned : Ben's story contains acts that some people may find saucy

3. RONNIE'S STORY (21.10.02)
Ronnie's story contains balls, bats, and the word "mufti"

2. SPECKY'S STORY (19.10.02)
Specky's story contains some sexy action and banjo-twanging

1. PHIL'S STORY (12.10.02)
Phil's story contains scenes of driving and some clenching



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