I began this site in May, 1997. The millennium was an unthinkably distant nonsense, I was a 23 year old with hope in his whiskers and a job that required a suit, and I saw fit to write about six pages of shit and call it my Underbelly.

It was publicised only on gay mailing lists, and yes, it was a thinly veiled personal advert. It was easier to write six pages of half-arsed humour than to distil myself into twenty five words, such as;

"Eager tool seeks gristle bitch for port and stilton.
Requires good seeing to, poss. one to one."

The strangest thing to me now is the decision to call the court case "Blyth v Niggerkind", having absolutely nothing to do with race. Yes, racism is flirted with in The Beer Talking and The Giraffe, oh yes, and the Random Acts Of Shit..... oh, it's a recurring theme, isn't it? That's alright then.

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