Joey Deacon visited us in the seventies, and we were glad. However, a new hero was soon needed, as all avenues of wheelchair and spastic related insults were painstakingly exhausted. In 1989, QED obligingly produced the programme "John's Not Mad", featuring John Davidson, a young man from Galashiels who simply couldn't stop swearing.

We now know it as Tourette's Syndrome - and no self respecting wag hasn't feigned a gutter gob-rush at some point in their lives. At the time, however, the beauty of a condition which simply made you rude was a new one to the children of Britain. We also never had swearing on TV.

LA Law had a defendent with Tourette's in one episode - but he said nothing worse than bitch and slut. John Davidson, however, said fuck. And he said cunt. And he said big nose.

I'll get some stills sorted out as soon as I can sort out a TV card. This is my instant karma - I spend so much time on this sort of crap that I end up skint and friendless.

more sounds and stills soon, if you tell me you love me
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